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a top 10 Trip Advisor tour and 2016 winner of the Certificate of Excellence, offers a full suite of dune buggy tours and rentals in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. From off-road tours to adventure tours, or even a sightseeing driving tour around Waikiki and The North Shore, you will have the best view on the island from our convertible buggies.

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What We Offer


on the north shore

Driving Tours
Checkout famous movie sites, tv sets and the gorgeous coastline of the North Shore all from your very own dune buggy...
Adventure Tours
This isn't your typical tourist attraction. If you are looking for real tours with jaw dropping action, then this...


available island wide

Full Day Rentals
Why rent a car for the day when you could be they envy of the island in this dune buggy that is sure to turn heads...
Hourly Rentals
There is no better way to explore everything the North Shore and island have to offer than with our buggies...

Experience the thrill ofOur Buggies

  • Street Legal
    street legal

    That's right, our gas buggies our street legal and a perfect way for you to see all the island has to offer. The North Shore, Chinaman's Hat or any other hot spot around the island.

  • 4 Wheel Drive

    Choose Beach Buggy Orange or Bright Cherry Red. Either way we know you will enjoy shifting through the gears in the 5 speed manual transmission. Even if its been a while, we can get you comfortable.

  • Fuel Efficient
    fuel efficient

    Our buggies are extremely fuel efficient getting around 200 miles on their petite 5 gallon tank! Electric Hummers has a drive time of about an hour to an hour and half (depending on driving habits).

  • Radio, Bluetooth and MP3 Player
    MP3 Radios

    You can catch local radio channels, use our MP3 player with personally selected tunes, or use Bluetooth capability on our premium sound buggy to play your favorite music on the open road

  • Top Places To See In Oahu
    Places To See

    Whether you want to explore all that the North shore has to offer (Turtle Bay, Waimea Bay, Waimea Valley, etc.), or venture out to Waikiki or Pearl Harbor, our buggies can take you there.

  • Top Rates
    Top Rated

    We are the North Shore's top rated buggy/car rental company, and we bet you'll see why. Rent a buggy and you can explore at your own pace on the self guided tour.

hand picked by Aloha Buggies...
things to do in the north shore

Ka'ena Point

What's a list of things to do without the ever so beautiful Ka'ena Point. There truly is nothing like it on the island. You can choose walk the nearly 6 mile round trip hike or ride out there if you have a permit. Either way, you'll want to experience the Hawaiian Monk Seals and Albatross Seabirds along the way.

Dillingham Airfield

Are you a thrill seeker? Jump out of a plane with Pacific Sky Dive or Sky Dive Hawaii and catch an aerial view of Ka'ena Point. Prefer to not jump out of a perfectly good plane? Try one of the Gliders or kite planes that will still fulfill that adrenaline rush but keep your feet attached to something.

Dillingham Ranch

One one side of the road is a working ranch that houses beautiful wedding/event venues and also the largest harvest of Cocounut trees on the island. On the other side, the Hawaii Polo Club on Sundays during the Spring and Summer months and some amazing horseback trail rides on their private beach.

North Shore Soap Factory

Hidden in what once was the old Waialua Sugar Mill, the North Shore Soap Factory is a working soap factory made with all local and natural ingredients. While you there, checkout some of the shops in the area and on Saturdays the parking lot turns into a Farmer's Market.

Haleiwa Food Truck Park

Are food trucks your thing? Be sure to check out one of the many options in the food truck park. Some of our favorites are Delice Crepes, Dat Cajun Guy and Giovannis Shrimp Truck (If you are looking for the original, its up the road in Kahuku).

Haleiwa Historic Town

Shop till you drop, grab your souvenirs or rent your surf gear at an array of local shops. This town is known for its access to some of the premier surf spots on the island and turns into a large city during surf season. Almost all stores, restaurants and rentals take major credit cards and cash.

Matsumotos Shave Ice

Swing by this iconic shave ice shop and select from a variety of flavors; from Lilikoi to Azuki Beans / Special. This is what Haleiwa is best known for. Be prepared for a wait time as many others enjoy the bevy of flavors. PS, our favorite is pretty much any flavor with ice cream added to it at the bottom. Yum!!

Twin or Rainbow Bridge

This bridge marks the North end entrance to old Haleiwa Town. In this area you can find many surf shops, kayak rentals, snorkel gear and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board rentals and ride down the Anahulu river. Don't be surprised if you see a few people taking a quick jump off the side (we do not encourage this for your safety).

Lanikea (Turtle) Beach

Stop here to see majestic sea turtles, but make sure not to touch these creatures as to preserve the turtles and their habitat. Please observe local signs about parking as they are there for your safety. On days when the surf is large there is a chance you may not see turtles. However, they are usually there 300 out of 365 days a year.

Waimea Bay

One of the most breathtaking views on the North Shore, and if you are courageous enough, be sure to jump off the big rock cliff (please be careful and don't push your limits). There is free parking if you get there early, but there is also paid parking at a local church and then entrance of Waimea Valley. Again, in the buggy you can fit pretty much anywhere.

Waimea Valley

Hike through the valley and experience the botanical bliss and a variety of bird species on your journey to a waterfall that will cool you down from your hike. Be sure to ask the volunteer at the front desk BEFORE you pay for your tickets if you are specifically going up to swim in the waterfall. At times, due to seasonal rain, they will not allow you to get into the falls.

Sharks Cove Pupukea

Great place to snorkel in the tide pools (especially in the Summer) or check out some of our favorite eateries such as: Sandy's Sandwiches (seriously the best sandwich of your life), North Shore Tacos and the Elephant Thai Truck. This is an up and coming area so be sure to report back to us what you find that you liked. PS, there are now over 20 trucks here, so definitely worth checking out.

Sunset Beach

World famous beach white sandy beach that holds up to its name and offers some of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. This is typically the second leg of the Van's Triple Crown Pro Surfing Competition at the beginning of December annually. Visitor beware, during these times traffic can be quite slow so plan ahead. PS, if you are wanting to see a sunset, be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the sun sets as parking is limited.

Ted's Bakery

Goodies galore, they offer everything from their famous Ha'upia pie to any of their delectable treats. If you have a sweet tooth, then you may want to stop in and listen to your belly. This is also a great place to catch many locals and even tourists alike. Whether you just need some refreshments, need to use the restroom or can't resist the savory taste of some Hawaiian pies, then you gotta give this a try.

Kawela Bay

Pronounced Ca-V-ella, this is a beautiful hidden gem that not too often is travelled by the every day tourists. Some famous movies and TV shows have been filmed here (Pirates of Carribean, Lost and Hawaii Five-O), be sure to check out the gigantic Banyan Trees. Great place for a photo opp. Ohhhh, and by the way, be sure to check out the Kahuku Farms Fruit Stands right across from the entrance.

Turtle Bay Resort

Five star resort that offers a world renowned golf course, beach side dining options and even a few off the beaten path activities. The property spans hundreds of acres and offers a wide variety of activies, on site entertainment and of course we couldn't resist a shameless plug... we will deliver your buggy right to Turtle Bay for you FREE of charge.

Kahuku Town

Visit the old sugar mill and grab lunch and Kahuku Grill or mosey next door to the original Giovanni shrimp truck. This is a quiet little town with not only some great eateries, but has some rarely visited (and protected) sand dunes, beach access and some off the beaten path places to go. If you need any specific recommendations please let us know. Be sure to check out Kahuku farms on your way through.

CLIMBWorks Zipline

One of the newest attractions on the North Shore, you can zipline the North Shore with this exhilarating tour. It has 7 tandem lines and is the largest zip line on the island. They have a mile long run and some of the best aerial views on the North Shore. One of our favorite parts is the rides up to the top. With a quick search, you can see why these guys are quickly becoming THE attraction on the North Shore.

Goat Island Mokuauia

There are several ways to get out to this island, but be sure to take the trek when it is low tide. Personally we suggest you kayak out there as if you don't time it perfectly, walking out to the island can be a bit difficult. Either way, wear water shoes. At times you can have the entire island to yourself. Please do respect the area as it is a nature preserve for Albatrose and Seabirds.

Laie Point

Catch some unobstructed views of the natural beauty water and rock make. It can get a bit crowded at times, but most people don't stay for more than 15-20 minutes. We recommend packing a lunch and spending some time out here for great photo opps! PS, this is the location where Mila Kunis and Jason Segel jumped off a cliff into the ocean from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The center offers a complete experience from shows, activities, luau's, education and a little bit everything. It is almost a theme park mixed with a museum mixed with awesome. Stay the day or just experience the luau in the evening. Personally, we feel you get your money's worth by staying the entire day. BTW, there truly is enough to keep you busy for the entirety of the day.
Frequently Asked Questions

Get The Answers To The most common questions

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Who Can Drive The Buggy?

You must be at least 21 years old to be a driver of our fun little buggies on a tour and 25 for a rental (we do strictly enforce this). YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO OPERATE A 5-speed manual transmission, as all of our buggies are stick shift transmissions.

Still Got Questions?
Can I Off-Road?

All rentals must stay on paved roads at all times. If you book the off road tour, then, yes, you may. This is a strictly enforced policy due to state regulations and in the event a buggy is taken off-road, we turn the vehicle off and charge up to a $1000 fine, as well as a recovery cost to bring the vehicle back to our location. While we can appreciate the excitement that it offers, the risks to you, us, passengers and the vehicles is just too high. All rentals are equipped with GPS and are monitored by a live person.

Still Got Questions?
Where Can I Take The Buggy?

If you are renting the Gas 5 Speed Dune Buggies, you may go anywhere that is a paved road other than H1, H2 and H3 freeways. Please be advised, off-roading is not allowed unless it is part of a tour.

Still Got Questions?
What Is The Difference Between The Adventure Tours and Driving Tours?

While both tours offer exploration of the North Shore, the Adventure tour incorporate some type of physical activity or more involved component such as kayaking or snorkeling. The Driving Tours typically for those who wish to do more sightseeing and experience this die of the island. All tours are currently on paved roads only. There is no off-road.

Still Got Questions?
What Is Required To Rent?

We are so excited you would like to experience the Island Aloha Style. We do require that you provide a valid drivers license to operate a motor vehicle if you are a US citizen (international visitors must provide a passport). In addition, you must have a matching debit/credit card to pay for your rental. All rentals must purchase insurance that covers you and the buggies for a fee of $15 which is charged the day of your rental. Additionally, at times, and at the discretion of our employees, we may charge a refundable security deposit of up to $250.

Still Got Questions?
Do You Provide Transportation To Your Location?

For our rentals we do offer delivery to your location for an additional fee, otherwise you may pick your rental up from our location in The North Shore. For our tours, transportation can be provided for a fee of $24 per person and picks up from Waikiki, Turtle Bay and Ko'Olina.

Still Got Questions?
Can I Rent For Multiple Days?

Yes you may, to make a multiple day (or even just overnight) reservation, please choose the 24 Hour option from the dropdown at checkout. For multiple days/nights, simply enter the number of days you would like to keep it.

Still Got Questions?
Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Absolutely! Please do a quick search of our Yelp Page and check-in for up to 20% off your rental or tour. To hear about other discounts, you can also click the "Got Questions" link below. Alternatively be sure to check out local publications for coupons and promotions... or even one of our tour partners.

Still Got Questions?
How Many People Will These Seat?

Our current inventory of buggies is two seaters. If you have more than two people in your party we are happy to rent out multiple buggies. By mid-spring we should have 4 seaters available for rent. If you would like to pre-reserve one, give us a call at 844-442-8449.

Still Got Questions?
Can Children Ride In The Buggy?

Absolutely! As long as your Keiki (Child) can ride without a car seat and are old enough to be legal within the state of Hawaii, then they are welcome to ride.

Still Got Questions?
What Happens If It Rains?

We are in Hawaii so there is a good chance it can rain on any given day. Generally the rain will come and go fairly quickly but we can provide a soft cover for the gas buggies that can be taken with you on rainy days; it is easy to throw on to protect you from light showers. Please note, we only reschedule and do not offer refunds for rain (acts of nature excluded).

Still Got Questions?
Are The Buggies Safe?

YES. The buggies are street legal so they meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and have most features of a car. They have seat belts, blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers, horns, roll bars, etc.

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