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To clarify, there is a very fine line in the creative field between "Creatively Balanced" and being Chemically "Imbalanced". All jokes aside, I have spent my career really getting to know the ins-and-outs of what drives user behavior. Not only from the creative perspective, but also from a marketing eye.

Having been an entrepreneur, and as well in the corporate world, I can see many areas of common failures. Such as; failing to outline clear objectives; not setting clear deliverables nor dates. These are just a few of the findings I have made in my diverse career. With an unbiased perspective, I am able to separate the end users needs, from the businesses and from the creative team. Doing so allows a much higher quality product and a much more effective delivery method.

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Everything from A to Z that I can do, will do or might do if given (enough) coffee.

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